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* Catering hours differ from store hours

Hours For Week of  11/28 – 12/05  **

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday :  11 am – 4 pm

Friday & Saturday:   11 am – 7 pm

Closed Sunday & Monday

** Due to ongoing labor shortages and vastly increased lunch catering demands

*Hours are subject to change

We will add hours as we hire additional qualified staff!

10 person minimum unless otherwise specified


* Catering Questions? 

Email Dan @  dan.isabellas@gmail.com or Call: 410.962.8888

Cold Catering

No Brainer (Most Popular of All Catering!)

16.99 pp

Sandwich Platters, Caesar Salad, Cookie Tray, Chips


Boxed Lunch  16.99 pp

(Italian or American Style)

Sandwich, Pasta Salad, Dessert, Chips


The Lite Lunch

11.99 pp

Smaller Sandwiches, Caesar Salad  (15/minimum)


Sandwich Platter

10.99 pp

A selection of our most popular Sandwiches


Hot Catering

Pizza Festa (Most Popular Hot Catering!)

16.99 pp

Assorted Pizzas, Caesar Salad, Caprese Salad, Cookie Tray


Hot No Brainer

DYI Meatball No Brainer

17.99 pp

A Tray of our Italian Meatballs in Sauce, Italian Rolls,  all of the Fixings, Caesar Salad, Cookie Tray


Baked Ziti

18.99 pp

With Caesar Salad, Cookie Tray, Bread



18.99 pp

(Meat or Cheese) With Caesar Salad, Cookie Tray, Bread



Catering Sides

Caprese Salad

3.99 pp         


Mixed Green Salad

3.99 pp


Caesar Salad

3.50 pp


Greek Salad

3.99 pp


Garlic Bread

1.75 pp  


Fresh Pasta Salad

4.99 pp 


Tortellini Salad  

3.99 pp


Antipasto Platter (Serves 15)




Cookies and Cannoli Tray

4.99 pp  


Cookie Tray

3.50 pp         


Fruit Salad (Serves 10 – 15)




Any upgrades will be charged based on difference in menu pricing

For custom orders or questions

contact     dan.isabellas@gmail.com